6305 Tangerine Ave - Bunnell, FL
For Sale by Owner

~5 Acres ready to build on!

I am selling a tract of beautiful wooded land in North Daytona, Bunnell, FL - Located in Unincorporated Flagler County, FL
I am asking $160k.   (Real Estate Sales Agents: Will pay 3%).  

1 acre raw lots in area with no improvements (I have barn, roads, cleared areas, power pole onsite, etc.) or pond (I have with small island and fish) are going for $16k to $70k!!

Use the contact form on the <CONTACT> page to reach me.

*** LISTING REALTORS - DO NOT CONTACT ME!  If you do, I will assume that you are either illiterate or cannot follow instructions - either of which would definitely make me NOT have you as my listing agent.  Sell it and make 3%!

See a video of a walk around of the amazing property
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Some photos of the property

Below is the contract to be used in the purchase of the property.  All of the seller required items are completed.  Complete lines: 2, 26-41, 45 (7 days from went sent to seller), 52 (no more than 45 days from acceptance), 81-94, and 606-608 (615, 617 if sales realtor involved).

 Download Contract Here


Some details on the property:

Google Map Location ~5 Acres

Located in Daytona North - unincorporated Flagler County
Wooded lot with roads

Two story Poll Barn, top floor partially framed

Barn is 30ft x 48ft
Second floor (framed out) is 15ft x 48ft
Ground floor storage room is 13ft x 15ft
Barn entrance is 12ft wide

Septic Tank System (status unknown)

Power Polls on site (electric is not currently connected)


Plenty of room

Double Wide Trailer (needs to be removed - beyond repair)

100 yard clear range

Great place to social distance, get away for a while, camp, retreat, bug-out....

Flagler County Information

Details from the Flagler County Property Appraisers Office:

Flagler County Property Appraisers Office - Property Record Card

Flagler County Property Appraisers Office - Map

Flager County, FL Property Appraisers Office - Pictometry

No Wet Land Here!

Visit Wetland Mapper and put address in under "Find Location".